Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

3 Generations

For many of our returning customers, an annual fishing trip aboard the Nauset has become a Summer ritual. Much in the same way families return to the same vacation rental year after year. The memories of the incidents at the house become as important as the house itself. After 12 years in the fishing charter business, we’ve become that old house. The Hagbergs have been chartering with us for as long as I can remember, and a good bit of the trip each year is retelling some of the highlights of earlier excursions. Yesterdays catch will prove to be one such highlight. Three generations posed, smiling, with a trophy Striped Bass. I’ve no doubt that it will become imprinted as a memory of a fishing trip that punctuated a spectacular Cape Cod vacation.

Making memories that will last a lifetime