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Beerless Bachelor Party

When the college buddies arrived at the RV rental place in North Jersey on Wednesday, they had every intention to drive down to the Outer Banks. It was Mike’s Bachelor Party. But the weather looked lousy so they did a U -turn out of the parking lot and ended up at a Wellfleet campground. Day 1 beach. Day 2 fishing charter aboard the Nauset. When all six hopped on the boat Joe and I caught each other’s eye. Where’s the beer? In the rush to get going, they forgot. After some intense ribbing from Joe and I they settled into a fun trip. Lots of laughs and fresh Striped Bass for dinner. And as a reward for being such good sports, Captain Joe invited the gang over for a well deserved beer on his deck out back. Good luck Mike! Congrats…

Soon to be married Mike and some of his best buds Sammy, Ari, Sawyer