Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

Big Fish John

Other than Moose hunting, there isn’t another thing that John would rather do than fish for large Striped Bass.  And Capt Joe doesn’t make it easy.  Joe had sent  John a text about the early morning live line bite out back.  “Could he be at the Pamet Harbor by 4:30.” 99% of the population would have passed on the request. John said, “sure, that sounds great.”  He paid the price.  A two  hour ride took 4 because of traffic.  He stayed in a motel along 6. But, come morning, John was bright eyed and anxious to fish.  John charters the boat by himself, and like us, loves to be on the water. We rounded up some live Herring and raced around back to the tower. Herring is to Striped Bass as snicker doodles are to kids.  They can’t resist them.  We had a blast on light tackle, tossing unweighted Herring on live liner reels.  It was worth the trip!

John with some Water Tower caught large Striped Bass