Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

Big Smiles Lots of Fish

As mate,  I usually get a couple of minutes to myself, away from the fishing deck.  The quiet time allows me the chance to get some water, talk with Joe about what he is seeing on the sonar, and use the bathroom, if need be.  The normal lull in the action is a part of the fishing game that can actually turn some people off to the sport.  You gotta have patience!  That phrase is usually spoken about a half hour before you pack it up and go home, fishless.  As a Dad myself, I’m sure I’ve uttered it a couple times with my own children.  Today, however, patience wasn’t a requirement.  And with a bunch of iPhone carrying teenagers aboard who typically have an attention span of 10 minutes, I definitely caught a break.  I never had the chance to walk off the stern and catch my breath!   We had a cold Northwest wind and sporty seas.  It forced us to stay close to home. So, we steamed over to the cottages near Provincetown, where the seas were calmer,  but the Striper action was anything but.  Rob won a vacation home by chance at a Boy Scout raffle.  He has a crew of teens staying with him and Sheri.  Kaylee, Josh, Evan, and Logan had a great time catching fish after fish for 4 hours. Now it’s my turn for a rest! 

Lots of action at the Cottages this morning