Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

Big Stripers Nice People

Aaron claimed their 80+ year old  parents were part of the original Hippy culture from the early 60’s.  The North forks of Long Island were a much wilder place than they are now.  Provincetown had its share of it too, with the beatniks and dune shacks.  The counter culture movement was taking off and so was the hippy exodus and migration to Vermont. The four children  stayed in Vermont long after the parents gave up on the Hippy Utopia, and have now settled into  a normal everyday life.  The entire clan of three generations have come to the Cape for the better part of thirty years. They rent the same cottages on Corn Hill in Truro for the same week every year.  Six  of the 20 booked a morning charter aboard the Nauset.  The three siblings, Aaron, Paula and Ian, along with three of their kids, Natasha, Ruby and Ben.  The large group dictated that we troll umbrella rigs. There really isn’t enough room to top water cast.  It really didn’t matter. The fish were hungry.  The fog rolled in and created the low light conditions that Stripers love.  After a while we started throwing them back to grow older and bigger for next years catch. We caught some of the biggest Striped Bass of the season. And with 20 mouths to feed back at the cabins, that’s a good thing!

Ian holding a Large Race Point Striper