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Billingsgate Bass

A little known, but true, Cape Cod oddity, is our own story of Atlantis. The mythical legend of the sunken Greek island is in fact a true story of the island of Billingsgate, off the modern day shores of Jeremy Point, Wellfleet. At its peak in the 19th century, 30 homes and a prominate stone Lighthouse guided ships into Wellfleet harbor. Storms and erosion took its toll, until the 1920’s when most of the homes were floated to the mainland and the lighthouse torn down. Nowadays, the area is locally known as Billingsgate Shoals, or just the Shoals amongst most fisherman. The island sank, but it didn’t disappear. It’s now a very shallow sand bar that can be very fishy, as it was today. Kevin and Matt, moved to Wellfleet from Provincetown three years ago. Kevin decided this year would be a perfect time to have a family reunion. They had a large crew and chartered two boats. Of course Kevin and Matt’s Boat won top fish honors and insured a Striped Bass dinner for the 40 members of Kevin’s family that’s waiting for dinner. I hope he doesn’t have to clean up!

Rick and Tim with Billingsgate Striped Bass and Bluefish. the first Bluefish of the season
Kevin is all smiles holding his Striped Bass caught on the Billingsgate Shoals in Wellfleet
Cape Cod’s Atlantis