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Blessing Of The Fleet

When my wife Janet and I first came to the Cape in the early 80’s the blessing of the fleet in Provincetown was a tradition deeply steeped in religion. The mostly Portuguese fisherman of Provincetown came from a strong, God fearing, Catholic upbringing. In those days, the Bishop would come and anoint the commercial fishing boats as they made their way along Macmillan Pier. It was a blessing for a safe and prosperous fishing season. Nowadays, much like All Hallows’ Day, (Halloween) the religious part of the day has faded into the background, and now the Blessing is a weekend Portuguese festival. However, Joe, like most fisherman, can never be too cautious, especially when our lives are at stake. So this year, like every year, Joe and his wife Beth made the pilgrimage (pun intended) to P -town for the blessing.

The Nauset with her flags flying receiving her blessing for a safe and prosperous season