Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

Unbridled Enthusiasm

The fishing is always better in the early morning. Wildlife in general is on the move in the early morning or dusk. Our wives would murder us if we did sunset charters, so we always try to steer customers to the morning charters. However, it’s summer time on Cape Cod, and getting children or especially teens at the dock by 7:00AM is near impossible. Hence the afternoon charter, which starts around 12:30. You can bet dollars to doughnuts teenagers will be on those trips.

The extended family we had out today broke that mold. These were kids of all ages. I’m guessing 7-16 and they were extremely enthusiastic. From the jump they were engaged and focused on fishing. Emily, the oldest, did her best to arrange the rotation out and into the fighting chairs. And the boys were polite and shared the duties of reeling in lines and holding the fish. Sometimes having 4 children aboard can be a challenge. Today restored my faith in this younger generation. They had a great morning catching commercial sized Striped Bass and also releasing many more to fight another day. Bravo for their conservation awareness. Tight Lines! We hope to see you out there.

William, Emily, CJ and Layton: young anglers with a penchant for fishing no matter how early

Fishin with Dad

One of the most time honored traditions of bonding with your son is fishing. For me, it was the one activity that my father and I shared. He introduced me to fishing at age 3, and I never looked back. To this day I think of our precious time spent together, fishing.

James and Max are lucky enough to have fathers like mine, who recognize how important time spent together cements strong bonds that carry into adulthood.

Today’s epic fishing trip will be remembered, not just because Max caught his personal best Striper, or that his buddy James and he doubled up on commercial size Bass. No, they’ll remember the day they went fishing with their Dads and made lasting lifelong memories that I’m sure will be retold for a very long time. Tight lines! We hope to see you out there.

Peder, James, Max and Scott with a pair of large Stripers that the boys caught at the same time

Greetings from Bolinas California

Kirsten lives on a lagoon in a small town just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. She and her son Finn couldn’t be any closer to the water if they tried. Their house is on pilings where they can cast, or as Finn often does, drop his line straight down and snag Sardines. Right from his deck! Kirsten tells a funny story about how the locals kept stealing the town sign from the highway. They didn’t want visitors. After many years of replacing the sign, California finally gave up. The local surf shop now sells hats with ” 2 Mile” written on the hat face, which is code for Bolinas, because the sign was 2 miles outside of town! They’ve been flying out every year to Striper fish and meet up with her Mom and Dad, who drop down from Vermont to spend time on the Cape.

The start of commercial Striped Bass fishing was today. We saw lots of boats and not much catching all around us. We had loads of fun on small fish that never came close to the recreational minimum of 28″, let alone the 34″ minimum for a commercial fisherman. We had a lot of laughs and it felt great to be out on the water on a beautiful sunny day. Tight lines. We hope to see you out there.

Montana Mojo

Gregg flew in from Montana to try his luck at Striper fishing and visit friends in South Truro. He’s used to fishing the Great Lakes for chinook, which by his say so have been running good this year. He’s always wanted to catch our famous Striped Bass. We’ve had a stretch of bad weather lately, so it was a treat to arrive at the Pamet Harbor under bright sunshine. But looking out past the breakwater we could see whitecaps. Well, I suppose everything can’t be perfect. The Stripers usually like rough water, and today was no exception. Gregg and the gang had their hands full. The pool winner went to Gregg of course. He couldn’t have been happier! Tight lines. Hope to see you out there…

Gregg with his first Cape Cod Striper, caught off Billingsgate Shoals Wellfleet

First Time’s The Charm

Ian and Dan have been vacationing on Cape Cod since they were little. Coming up each year around the middle of June with their parents. They come from a small rural town in northwest Connecticut and are both avid skiers. Surprisingly, this was their first fishing charter trip. But, you’d never know it by the way they expertly fought their first Large Striped Bass. We certainly hope the fishing fever latches on and we see them again next year! Hope to see you out there. Tight lines!

Dan and Ian with their first Striped Bass caught off Billingsgate Shoals, Wellfleet

Two Daughters

For Don, it’s been well over 10 years since both of his daughters have visited the family Cape house in Wellfleet together. That house has been in the family since ’74, a two acre parcel that overlooks Wellfleet Harbor. While underway outside the Pamet Harbor, Don regaled us with surf casting stories of a bygone era. The large Stripers were in the surf, off the great backside beaches, and they were easy to catch. His daughters, Erin and Megan, were kids back then. Too young to really appreciate the life of a Cape surfcaster, as their father was. As we settled into our trolling routine, the rod almost doubled over. Erin fought gallantly a trophy Striper, that ended up to be the pool winner. Later, she and Megan doubled up on large Striped Bass. It was one of those epic days of fishing. A day that certainly made their father proud. A rare fishing trip for a father and his daughters, making family fishing memories that will be retold for a long time.

Don with his daughters Erin and Megan and some really large Stripers caught off the southern edge of Billingsgate Shoals.

Generational Tradition

Lynne spent many a summer with her folks in various cottages scattered amongst the quaint streets of picturesque Wellfleet. It was here that the allure of the Cape and its charm took a strong hold of her soul. It hasn’t mattered much that she and her husband Mark live in Michigan. She is still drawn to the Cape and the fishing. Each year for the past three they’ve flown in from the farm they run for a fast and furious fishing trip aboard the Nauset. The farm needs constant attention and they can’t vacation for more than three days! This year, they came all right, but tagging along were their polite and mannerly grandkids, Ayla, and Lane. I’m sure Lynne’s hoping to imprint the same memory triggers that she felt throughout the years summering with her parents. After spending some time Mackerel fishing for live bait, we headed over to the South of Billingsgate, where we’ve had most of our luck this year. They had a blast live lining Mackerel until the very last bait Lane used was taken by a hungry keeper Striped Bass. Another great day of fishing, catching up with friends and introducing Ayla and Lane to the splendor of Cape Cod.

Ayla and Lane catching what will be the first of many Cape Cod Stripers!

Mythical Mary

It’s the early part of the season and the Nauset and it’s crew aren’t the well oiled machine that we are come July. A couple of days ago we forgot the net, then the snips to bleed out the fish. After a few weeks things get pretty much ironed out. But, we aren’t there just quite yet. Joe was up at the Harbormaster shed meeting our customers while I was getting the boat ready at the dock. He thought he was meeting Mary, a huge Trump fan and her husband and kids. Instead he was met by 5 adults. There was no Mary, no kids and no Trumper’s. Oh well, at least we got the time and date right!! After a good laugh we headed South and had our best day yet. My blog post about conservation must be having a positive effect. Our charter kept two fish, not the limit of five. And best of all they let the largest of the bunch go, a 42″ and 43″ Striped Bass. They had a fun day on the water and we did too. Tight Lines. Hope to see you out there…

The two largest Stripers where released after photos!

Round Two!

Our friends from across the pond came back for another chance to catch some larger Stripers. We were able to catch some Mackerel for live lining and set off South, to Billingsgate Shoal, where most of the early fish have settled. We first trolled to get the lay of the land and see where the schools were, and then drifted over the schools with the live Mack’s. We ended up with 4 nice keepers, two of which were commercial size fish. Hope to see you out there! Tight lines…

Charles, Steve and Leslie with some nice Striped Bass caught at Billingsgate Shoal this morning

That’s Entertainment!

Charles Cartwright is the kind of friend we all wish we had. When he opens his home to guests, he really opens his home to entertain his company. In this case, the beneficiaries, are friends from across the pond, Bob and Stephen Papendorf and Leslie Borough. The gang went out for the first of two trips aboard the Nauset this morning. The fish gods obliged this happy crew with plenty of action. After a quick move to Provincetown, in search of larger fish, they finally caught the largest fish of season, a 34″ Striped Bass. A perfect way to end a glorious Cape Cod Summer adventure. Let’s hope for an even larger one Friday!

Bob and Stephen Papendorf with some nice Stripers caught aboard the Nauset today