Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

Let’s Go Lobstering!

Aidan 7 and Cam 4 arrived late last night to the family retreat in Wellfleet. Most youngsters would have taken a day or two to acclimate themselves before heading out on a fishing trip with Mom and Dad. Not these two! They are fishermen to the bone. Last time in Disney the family chartered a guide to fish the ponds on the Disney property. When asked later what there favorite part of the Disney experience was, they unequivocally said fishing. How cool is that! So, after catching our limit of Stripers on the troll out back in the fog, the boys were ready for pulling some lobster traps. Joe and I have lobster traps on the way back from fishing. Unlike other charters that don’t bother to offer Lobstering, we enjoy the experience. It’s worth seeing wide eyed kids banding and measuring the lobsters. We love to see the excitement when they see the egg carrying females for the first time. The two boys loved it. They were mesmerized. The Lobstering capped a fitting end to a nice charter with a great group of people.

Aidan and Cam holding a couple of lobsters caught at the end of the fishing charter today.

Hold On!

Bill has the inglorious distinction of being our only guest to lose a fishing rod when fighting a fish. TWICE! He and his Dean of Columbia law school wife Ellen, come each year from New York to escape the heat of the city and unwind after a Spring semester of law school. Bill’s been a regular for 5 or 6 years and we always have a great time. On one of the first trips we tied into a school of large fish. Bill was catching one after another and he failed to mention that his arm was weakening from the strain. He lost the rod when fighting his 4th or 5th fish. Last year, he was live lining Mackerel to hungry bass and over it went with a nice bass leading the way. An expensive experience! So this year, I kept reminding Bill to focus on the grip. And again reminded him of the lunge that the Striper takes when it senses the boat. Thankfully, Bill played his part expertly and he landed one of this years trophy Stripers. A remarkable fish. Congratulations Bill. See you next year.

Bill with the one that didn’t get away!

Journalistic Liberty

Jeff and his son Zach along with Jeff’s former editor at the Globe, Andrew, fished aboard the Nauset this morning. Young Zach had previously gone out on a party boat with his dad and was disappointed with the results. They both wanted Zach to tie into a big Striper. I usually try to keep conversation flowing with some stories from previous charters. However, today I was keeping my mouth shut for most of the morning. I could barely get a word in edgewise, with two journalists aboard. Now THEY can tell stories!!We had a great day live lining Mackerel for some nice size Striped Bass at the tip of the Cape. Zach caught a 36″ Striper that made his father proud. Enjoy the fish. See you next July!

Andrew and Jeff with a smiling Zach, off Race Point Provincetown

Beerless Bachelor Party

When the college buddies arrived at the RV rental place in North Jersey on Wednesday, they had every intention to drive down to the Outer Banks. It was Mike’s Bachelor Party. But the weather looked lousy so they did a U -turn out of the parking lot and ended up at a Wellfleet campground. Day 1 beach. Day 2 fishing charter aboard the Nauset. When all six hopped on the boat Joe and I caught each other’s eye. Where’s the beer? In the rush to get going, they forgot. After some intense ribbing from Joe and I they settled into a fun trip. Lots of laughs and fresh Striped Bass for dinner. And as a reward for being such good sports, Captain Joe invited the gang over for a well deserved beer on his deck out back. Good luck Mike! Congrats…

Soon to be married Mike and some of his best buds Sammy, Ari, Sawyer

A Perfect Day

Many years ago my wife Janet and I were drawn to the cape for its magnificent scenery and the weather. The daytime temperature never touched 80 and the nights brought out the hooded sweatshirt and fireflies. The fireflies are long gone, but those glorious days still exist. Today was one such day. The moon was out all morning, the temps stayed in the mid 50’s on the ocean and I was in heaven. So was Dick Wright, but for another reason. Dick has been a birder from his childhood days in Jersey. And boy did we have birds today. He was transfixed on his binoculars all day. And after pausing to take a photo of one of his kids or grandkids holding a Striper, back he went to birding. More than I’ve ever seen out there. Everyone caught a keeper and the last fish of the day was his. His perfect day.

Dick Wright with a nice Striper caught in the Rips at Race Point Provincetown

Striped Bass $27.50 lb!!

I couldn’t even imagine just a couple of years ago that our sacred Stripers would be in such demand that the price at the retail market would be higher than filet, Lobster, swordfish or scallops! Yet here we are. With the price as high as it is, I thought to share a few of my tips for keeping the fish fresh after you take the fish off the Nauset and into your home. Firstly, the cleaning of the fish on the Nauset as we return to the Pamet Harbor is NOT the end all for storing the fish for consumption. When Home, rinse the fish. Take off all blood and any remaining scales. At this time you can trim the filet into meal size portions. Then take a bunch of paper towels and firmly squeeze the filet between both hands until the fish is dry. Cut the fish so it can lie flat in a freezer bag and store for later. Fresh Striper will easily stay fresh for 4 days in a cold fridge. To freeze your fish, follow the same instructions. Then, wrap tightly each piece in cling wrap and finally aluminum foil. Place in freezer bag. To get air out of bag, close bag but leave enough space to stick a straw inside bag and suck out remaining air, closing quickly. You’ll have fish all winter! Enjoy

Smoked Striped Bass appetizer

Retirement Bliss

David and Sheila are living the good life. David recently retired and spent the last year diving into his spectacular retirement home project here in Truro. They have a sweeping view of Provincetown in the distance and the Pamet Valley to the harbor in the more immediate view. Breathtaking, and well deserved after a long working career. They also love to eat fish. And timed the trip to coincide with a bunch of company arriving midweek from across the country. They also prefer to live line on spinning gear for Stripers. And with their recently graduated son Pete along, the 3 of them could comfortably fish off the stern. They had a blast. In between Stripers, conversation flowed. When the morning was over, they each had a satisfied smile. Knowing that their company, visiting the new home high on the bluff in Truro, would have a splendid grilled Striped Bass dinner waiting.

Pete, Sheila and Dave holding up some live lined Stripers caught in the fog off Peaked Hill Bar, Provincetown

Forget Me Not

I wasn’t always good with names. Many people struggle. You meet someone at a party and within seconds you’re hoping you don’t have to introduce the person because you just forgot their name, seconds later! As a High School Teacher I’m now trained to remember names. The power of remembering a students name is so important during instruction. In my former life as a stock broker I not only had to remember names, I also had to remember voices and their portfolio, within seconds of picking up the phone. Which brings us to Ron. He’s been chartering the Nauset with a fair amount of success for the last 4 years or so. He’s a good sport who gives and takes our good natured kidding. He books online, where my name is proudly displayed. We share a birthday (July 10th) and my name is 3 letters long…Bob. He’s never remembered! After some teasing at the dock, Ron and two of his sons, settled into the deck chars for the ride from Truro to Provincetown Rip. We caught our Limit of Stripers on the troll this morning and headed home. Happy Belated Birthday Ron! See you next year.

A couple of nice Striped Bass caught on the great backside of Provincetown

Party Time

Every year Andrew and his wife Alyssa have a dinner party for their friends. They are rare year rounders living blissfully in Wellfleet. So you can imagine their friends are kinda used to seafood at parties. Andrew’s dad John sets up the charter and makes sure we are well supplied with liverwurst sammy’s. Once the sandwiches are accounted for, we set out from the beautiful Pamet Harbor in Truro. Joe and I are well acquainted with pressure. Every charter wants to catch fish. But this charter kicks pressure up a notch. Pressure is having 30 people over in less than 8 hours and the main course is Striped Bass!! Blackened on the stove, deep fried outside, and grilled. Now that’s pressure. Thankfully the fish gods were looking favorably on us. We found some Mackerel at Race Point and live lined them within casting distance from the national seashore beach to score our limit. Hope the party went well. See you again with the liverwurst Sammy’s next year!

Alyssa, Andrew, John and Linda in front of Wood End light on a beautiful summer morning

Last Man (Lady) Standing

It’s not often that we have guests that get seasick. Captain Joe usually asks if there could be a problem while at the dock. Or, when there is a predisposition, we council on our tricks, like the ginger candy we offer that settles the stomach. The best advice is to just imagine that you’re driving a car. Keep your focus on the horizon. Never ever look down into the boat. Especially on a day like today, with moderate chop and a sea swell. But, once introductions were made, and the two young men identified themselves as former navy men. We put all thought of seasickness on the back burner. Until they BOTH got sick. Scott’s wife Beatrice was a champ. Not one queasy moment. We got our limit of Stripers on the great backside of Provincetown. Trolling was the ticket today. But the real hero was Beatrice. And for that she gets her own photo!

Beatrice with a nice Striper trolled off Race Point Provincetown