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Bobbing For Lobsters

I could tell by their droopy posture and glassy look in their eyes, that Alec and Nick were done fishin. After 3 1/2 hours of trolling around Billingsgate and catching their fill of Striped Bass and Bluefish, they had hit the figurative fishing brick wall.  Great!  Let’s switch it up!  Jim, the boys’ dad, had found us online, and together with brother in-law Scott had been lured into chartering the Nauset in the hope of having the two boys pull some lobster traps. In fact, most adolescents prefer lobstering to fishing by a wide margin. It must be the thrill of capturing something that bites back.   Anyway, Captain Joe and I both have lobster traps close to the harbor, so it’s easy to pull a couple of traps on the way back to port.   We only ask that customers let us know when they book the trip, so we can build in the time to do it.  The easiest way to get kids to stop lobstering is have them pull up the traps. Our plan was working flawlessly, Nick and Alec were spent from hauling up 60 lbs of trap up 45 ft from the bottom.  Then tragedy struck. The pot line wrapped around the engine propeller and we were stuck! Only one option, and it wasn’t Sea Tow. Into the water I went, bobbing up and down with the swell of Cape Cod Bay.  With a sharp knife and Scott mischievously documenting my exploits with his cell phone, (Hello social media!) the propeller was free. The boys had their lobster, and a fish story of a different sort, that I’m sure they’ll be repeating for a very long time.

Nick and his Striper caught on the Shoals of Billingsgate
Alec and Nick with two nice fish.