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Braeden The Fisherman!

Isn’t it strange how certain seemingly random events can cause a unique memory trigger.  We were no more than five minutes into the trip with Brian, Lindsey and their young son Braeden, when such an event occurred.  I was just getting started with my cross examination, (from my attorney father, I’m sure) about what brought the family to the cape and how they stumbled upon our fishing charter, when Brian spoke up about their fishing expertise.   He said the reason for the trip was all because of Braeden.  “He’s the fisherman in the family, not me,” said Brian.  Then a distant memory of my own youth filled my head.  It could have been my own father talking about me!  I reminisced about how when I was Braeden’s age, maybe 9 or 10, my parents rented a beach cottage on Nantucket. I loved to fish.  My father liked to fish and sleep in.  I had heard that to really catch the big ones you had to get up early.  So I did, at 4:00AM, and walked the mile to the beach.  Some of the wives of the surf casters asked all sorts of questions about my presence without my parents.  Needless to say, my father was fuming when he found me, fishless, but happy to have rubbed shoulders with the local sharpies.  Braeden the fisherman triggered that long forgotten story when I was his age.   Like Braeden, I was  all about fishing, even if my Dad wasn’t.  I admire Brian and Lindsey for letting him follow his passion, as my parents did; with fishing vacations and finally, buying a boat for the family to enjoy.  We had a great morning of whale watching and fishing along with uncovering a distant fish story from my long ago past.

Lindsey with a nice bluefish caught off Peaked Hill Bar, Provincetown
Braeden using all his muscle power to hoist a big Blue!