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Brooke’s Day

Parents with more than one child know the importance of keeping things even. Growing up, if my older sister got a new bike, I kinda knew what I was getting for Christmas. It’s a lesson I learned when it was my turn with my own son and daughter. Last week Brooke missed out on an epic fishing trip that her older brother Adam had aboard the Nauset. When her father Derek and Adam came home with all the fish stories she wanted a turn. And like the good parents that Derek and Laurie are, they booked the Nauset for Brooke, keeping the proverbial scorecard even. She was greeted by a spectacular weather day and calm seas. It didn’t take long for Brooke to fight her first Cape Cod Striper. And before you knew it she and the rest of the gang which included neighbors Linda and William were catching one after another. Now Brooke has a vacation memory that will be retold countless times, hopefully until next year’s trip! Tight lines. Hope to see you out there.

Brooke and her Dad Derek with her first Cape Cod Stripers. Congratulations Brooke