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Truro & Provincetown
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Call Him Lucky

You can’t miss Mark. He’s the fella with the pickup truck with Connecticut plates that read, “Dr. Pond.” You’d think that someone who creates decorative ponds for a living would have plenty of vacation time. I mean how many people have fancy ponds? Apparently more than Mark ever thought possible. He gets a week in Truro as his only break from the pond frenzy that exists at home. But, boy does he make the most of it. He constantly has the kids on the go, including an annual trip on the Nauset. As I was helping him carry his 6 large bags of fish off the dock I remarked at how lucky he was. With a wry smile he said, “As a hard worker I deserve at least one day like this.” And so he does…

The proud father with his two children Alex and Luke, posing with some nice Stripers caught off Peaked Hill Bar, Provincetown