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The Chihuahua Gang

Do you ever notice the strange and bizarre conversations that you have on the beach? It’s somewhat similar to the summer trashy book phenomenon that women go through.  It’s predominantly at the beach, and only in Summer.  We’ve been booked solid with fishing charters.  So, yesterday was the beach opener for me with my wife, Janet. The first bizarre conversation was with my doctor neighbor who’s weekend was ruined  by an insistent Bob White, who regaled him with its namesake song. This perfectly normal chap decided in the fog of slumber to get out of bed and urinate on the tree to which said bird was perched. He was so convinced of its efficacy.  It never stopped!  My other neighbor, Fred, told the equally strange story about a gang of Chihuahua’s that were terrorizing the west coast! Folks, I can assure you, outside of Summer, these people are normal!  Anyway, we took out Garrow, Fred (gang leader) and his daughter Cara, who is visiting from Frisco.  We rounded up some Mackerel and live lined them off the second tower. They had a blast. And my neighbors could rest easy knowing the Chihuahua gang was out at sea!

The Chihuahua Gang, Garrow, Fred and daughter Cara. Large Striper’s caught off the Great Backside, Provincetown