Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

Choose Wisely!

The stoically beautiful older women with the purplish hair and blue and white striped pant suit was slowly making her way down the dock.  “Is that the boat?” she eagerly called out, pointing to our enclosed Sportfishing boat, Nauset. “No Grandma, it’s this one,” replied a teenager, pointing to the center console open fishing boat berthed at the near dock.   It was 1pm on a sweltering day last July. That poor woman in polyester already knew she was in for an uncomfortable at best, dangerous at worst, 4 hour charter under a brilliant sun.  Her shoulders sagged.  I silently cringed.   Choosing  an open boat with older customers on a hot summer day wasn’t the wisest of decisions.  Yet, Social Media reviews, with their 5 star ratings, have changed how we make decisions. We are all guilty.  We are too busy to carefully look through restaurant menus, locations, or comfort,  when we can just go to Yelp, or Trip Advisor, and count the 5 star reviews! This same phenomenon is now prevalent amongst the charter fishing industry.  But is catching a lot of fish really what you’re  after?   Perhaps it is!  Is it enough that the restaurant has great food, but you’re eating in a hot, stuffy room, right on top of the next table?  Maybe that’s perfect for you!  Unfortunately, for Grandma, the  downfall of social media is that the blanket 5 star rating doesn’t make it ALWAYS the right choice for EVERYONE.   The good news?  Well, if you’re reading this, you’re more of a free thinker.  By virtue of comparing charter services, you still have hope!  I’ll let you in on a little secret.  90% of the time every charter fishing boat in Truro and Provincetown  fish the same locations. So, isn’t the wiser decision to choose the boat that’s right for YOU!  Don’t be like Grandma…..

Capt Joe at the stern of the Nauset. Our weatherproof Salon and full time mate, who is a teacher, is perfect for families of all ages!