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Cloudy Skies Bright Fish

John Is a die hard fisherman. Capt Joe had promised him an early 5:30AM departure from the Pamet, however it was raining so hard you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. Joe and I texted each other weather information. “Did you tell John, about the weather?” “He won’t drive down, it’s sheeting rain!” We were wrong.  John  was there at the Pamet harbor, waiting! That’s dedication.  We finally managed to get a hold of him and rescheduled until a couple hours after the worst of the system passed.  It was worth the wait. The fishing is always best on cloudy, overcast days. Foggy is even more fishy, and boy was it foggy.  Capt Joe spun up the radar just to be on the safe side. The weather caused many boaters to stay home. And John was rewarded with sore arms and a sunny smile.

Two Race Point Stripers