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Cape Cod

Colorado High

My daughter Mara, moved to Denver last October. So, it was a pleasant surprise to see repeat customers Jackie, Jay and their 6 year old daughter Natalie, (who reside out in Aurora Colorado) on the Nauset for today’s charter. Jackie’s Dad Charlie has been coming to the Cape for 40 years and uses the summer, and the Cape, to get the families together. Today started out slow, with finicky bait. But, patience had its reward. And, after what seemed like forever, (yep, we feel that way too) we finally had the bait and the Bass to finish the trip in grand style!

Patriarch Charlie, holding a nice Striper caught on a live herring
Charlie fighting the good fight!
REDEMPTION! The running joke last trip was poor Jay, who couldnt buy a fish. today, Jay turned the tide and caught the most and biggest. 38″ and 21lbs