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Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

Comrades In Arms

Some anglers just can’t get enough. Sal from exit 8A in Jersey is one such angler. We had taken Sal out earlier in the week for what turned out to be the trip of a lifetime. Not only did Sal catch the biggest fish of his life, he also caught the most fish.  The fishing gods were somehow allingned with Sal that day.  Large Striped Bass were surface feeding for hours under foggy, stormy conditions.  Actually, perfect Striper conditions! And with his wife taking art classes all week at Castle Hill, Sal tempted fate by booking another early morning trip aboard the Nauset.  He wasn’t disappointed.  He witnessed a beautiful Cape Sunrise and surprisingly calm seas on the way to the Great Backside beach where we’ve been fishing.  Sal casted to surface feeding Stripers with pencil poppers and Sebile swimmers and old reliable Hopkins metal. With each passing hour of good natured joking, shared Navy stories and common hunting and fishing experiences, a strong bond was being formed. Captain Joe and Sal became fast friends. Promising each other to stay in touch over the year.  Have a safe trip home Buddy. We’ll see you next time.

Captain Joe and Sal at Race Point Light Provincetown