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Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

Custom Stripers

August is not the month to catch Stripers.  June has the distinction on the outer cape as the most prolific Striper month in Truro and Provincetown.  This is nothing new.  Many old school Striper books written by the famous authors, Frank Daignault among them, wrote about chasing the Stripers South in July to Nauset inlet, Orleans.  The challenge for us, should we choose to chase them, is the exhaustive boat ride from the Pamet to get there.  It’s much longer than a 4 hour charter would allow.  Roosevelt and his wife Elaine and their son Drew and friend Colin wanted a shot at some big fish,  if not tuna,  then Stripers.  No problem!  We put together a custom charter.  Not your usual 4 hours, but 6.  Not just fishing, but one of the most spectacular whale shows I’ve ever witnessed.  We went around the tip of the Cape and hugged the coast, availing ourselves of some awe inspiring scenery as we made our way all the way down the backside of the Cape.  A long day for sure.  But if you’re  after Stripers and desire a  whale watch and a nice relaxing boat ride, consider a custom charter.  So, if a slightly out of the ordinary, longer than advertised, unique fishing/boating adventure, tickles your fancy, please give us a call!  

Roosevelt with a Striper caught off Nauset inlet
Elaine with the pool winner!