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Early Bite

When asked, Joe and I always advise clients that the morning is the best time to fish.  I know that from my early days fishing the surf at Race Point. I would wake up at 3AM and off-road with my jeep to a place affectionately known as the Hump!  False dawn to sunrise was the best. That was usually around 4:15 to 5:15. After that it would die out. My buddies and I would laugh at the guys who came over the dune at 7:00…it was already over.  Joe has a similar story about setting out the net on his dragger.  The fishing was great early, then die out.  Lately, we’ve had a string of early risers.  It’s easy to get Braeden out of bed.  He looks forward to his Cape vacation, and specifically his fishing charter, all year long.  This year he brought one of his best buds, Cam.  They were already at the Pamet when Joe and I arrived with the Nauset.  The weather was cloudy and threatening. Perfect Striper weather.  We set out near Race Point and almost immediately were into fish. And so it went for the better part of 2 hours.  But then just as suddenly, it stopped.  The fish stopped biting. Today was a perfect example of how important is is to get out early.  Happy fishing Braeden..see you next July buddy!

Lindsey, Brian, Braeden and Cam with a pair of huge Stripers caught off Race Point Light, Provincetown