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Cape Cod

Family Fun

We’ve taken a bunch of first timer families fishing aboard the Nauset this season. This isn’t a surprise, as we cater to that demographic. Most center console charter boats don’t have a Mate. Consequently the captain is tasked with driving the boat, finding the fish, setting the lines, netting and cleaning the fish and perhaps engaging in conversation if not busy with the earlier aforementioned chores. Captain Joe and I have a system of delegation that works like a well oiled machine. And we’ve refined it over the last 13 years of charter fishing. Captain Joe navigates the Nauset expertly and finds the fish. After 40 years of commercial fishing, he’s an expert. My job is completely separate. I make sure our guests are comfortable and safe, give as much advise as necessary, set the lines, and of course net and clean the fish. Conversation flows because I’m not additionally tasked with navigation or fish finding, which is of itself is a constant task. As a High School teacher, I’m just as comfortable around children as adults. If your searching for a comfortable boat with a crew for a family charter experience, give us a try. You won’t be disappointed. Tight lines. Hope to see you out there!

Barbara and Elliott with children Noah and Rowan on yesterday’s family charter aboard the Nauset