Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

Finicky Bait Cooperating Stripers!!

We knew where the Stripers were, thanks to yesterday’s charter. All we needed was the necessary Mackerel to complete the circle. We left the scenic harbor with Sheila, Dave, and their son Peter. Sheila was laughingly mocking our description of charter boat fishing as a “real” job. That bad Karma (kidding) might have been enough to turn the mackerel gods against us! With only three to show for an hour of work we headed around the tip of Cape Cod. Thankfully, we found more bait and off we went. The Stripers kept their end of the bargain and sore arms and broad smiles ruled the day. A beautiful day with a great family!

Dave is all smiles after landing this 18 pound bass off Provincetown, Cape Cod
Peter holding a large Striped Bass caught off Provincetown, Cape Cod
Sheila is all smiles as she strains lifting a large Striper