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Fish Addiction!

After the third move of the afternoon, the two Laurie’s just rolled their eyes.  Of course it was Robin’s idea to charter the Nauset for the afternoon.  She and Laurie had planned a hard earned vacation North from Ft Lauderdale.  They flew into Logan and picked up the other Laurie and made their way to Provincetown for the week.  The last thing on Robin’s mind should have been boat  fishing!  Six weeks ago she broke her foot, on HER boat!  she kept right on fishing for three more hours!  Now that’s an addiction!  She finally went to the emergency room and got an inch screw sewn in.   She arrived at the beautiful Pamet Harbor, on crutches and wearing a boot!  This dynamo had more energy than the 10 year old we had on the morning charter.  So, amidst all the jokes with Captain Joe and the whale show out back and the bluefish caught, she couldn’t call it quits.  Until, bodily injury was half  kiddingly proposed, and she finally succumbed to a near mutiny.  We called it a day and headed for the barn.  We all had a great time with a fun bunch of ladies!

Catch and release is always a challenge with bluefish
Laurie, Laurie and the fish fiend Robin