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Fishin’ Buddies

Joe talks a lot about his time spent as a dragger Captain out of New Bedford. He spent the good part of his working life out at sea. Yet, in the 12 years that we’ve had the fishing charter business, I’ve never met someone he fished with, until today. Aka Pete and Joe go way back. A couple of marriages ago, back. They kinda grew up together fishing side by side, different boats, but towing the same stretch. Joe was the Captain on one boat, and Pete as mate on the other. Fast forward and Pete was looking for a charter for his family. They traveled up from down Cape and had a blast live lining Mackerel to hungry Stripers at the lighthouse off Race Point. Pete never left the chair next to Joe to fish. Too much catching up to do, I suppose. It didn’t matter. He and his wife Mer were content watching daughter Keveney and son in law Markus fish, and have fun. A great morning of fishing, and a couple of old hands catching up on long ago dreams.

Aka Pete, his wife Mer, daughter Keveney and husband Markus pose at the Pamet Harbor after a nice day on the water