Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

Foraging for Fish

We were trolling the Race, off Provincetown,  listening to David explain how his passion for mushroom foraging  in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a lot like fishing for Striped Bass.  As in, you never know what you’re gonna find or catch. Well, he was being very, very kind.  Because, in fact, we had been trolling over countless “mushrooms” and we only had two fish to show for our valiant efforts!  Brother Ben, along with Ben’s son Theo, rounded out the morning foragers.  Born and raised in Boston, Ben and David both moved to California, coming East every summer to be with their Dad as they convene each summer in Truro.  Their quest this morning was to catch enough fish for Chef David to prepare a meal for Dads birthday tomorrow.  And after a quick change of scenery, the fish started flying  over the rails.  With foraging complete and smiles and weary arms held high, the three from Cali knew they succeeded.   Happy Birthday Mr. Karlin!

Ben and son Theo having a great day on the nauset
David and Theo holding the fruits of their labors, Striped Bass for dinner!