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Grandfatherly Love

CJ is a dedicated 8 year old fisherman. I know this because while most 8 year olds are watching the Macy’s Parade on Thanksgiving morning, CJ was at the beach last November, catching a huge Striper from the surf at his native New Jersey home. So it really wasn’t too surprising when CJ caught one of this years largest Striped Bass, 41 inches. It didn’t fit on the cutting board! And when CJ’s Grandpa, Carl Hagberg caught one that was 37 inches, CJ quickly pointed out that his was bigger. To which Carl said, “that’s OK, I’m happy you did.” That’s Grandfatherly Love.

CJ with an Umbrella caught Striper 41″
An 8 year old CJ showing proper fish fighting technique from the fighting chair
Carl Hagberg with Grandson Cj posing with Grandpa’s slightly smaller fish