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Great White!!

For the first time in the 10 years that Joe and I have been in the Charter Fishing business, we witnessed a Great White at Race Point feeding.  Kathy and her husband Sean along with Zach, Zachery, Alexa and Tristan, chartered the Nauset for the morning charter.  Apparently last week was shark week, as it was still on Kathy’s  mind as we were fishing.  She asked if Joe and I ever see sharks while fishing.  No, we never do, and in fact never heard of any charter boat seeing a shark.  That all changed as we were heading back to the Pamet Harbor.  Alexa had caught the pool winner. A beautiful 40″ Striper.  I was cleaning and scaling a fish when joe slowed the boat to talk with a buddy about where we had caught the fish.  I casually threw the fish carcass overboard and we slowly started on our way.  Suddenly, I heard “look, whale! Wait, it’s a shark!!”  I looked up and we all witnessed a huge shark that was eating the large Striped Bass carcass I had just thrown over.  Wow, what an experience!  That was one of the most memorable trips we’ve ever had.  As Capt Joe always says, “You never know.”  That captures perfectly how each trip is different and potentially one that will be remembered forever. Today was one such day!

Zach, Zachary, Alexa, Tristan, Cathy and Sean had a once in a lifetime Great White experience that they will never forget off Race Point Provincetown