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Greetings from Bolinas California

Kirsten lives on a lagoon in a small town just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. She and her son Finn couldn’t be any closer to the water if they tried. Their house is on pilings where they can cast, or as Finn often does, drop his line straight down and snag Sardines. Right from his deck! Kirsten tells a funny story about how the locals kept stealing the town sign from the highway. They didn’t want visitors. After many years of replacing the sign, California finally gave up. The local surf shop now sells hats with ” 2 Mile” written on the hat face, which is code for Bolinas, because the sign was 2 miles outside of town! They’ve been flying out every year to Striper fish and meet up with her Mom and Dad, who drop down from Vermont to spend time on the Cape.

The start of commercial Striped Bass fishing was today. We saw lots of boats and not much catching all around us. We had loads of fun on small fish that never came close to the recreational minimum of 28″, let alone the 34″ minimum for a commercial fisherman. We had a lot of laughs and it felt great to be out on the water on a beautiful sunny day. Tight lines. We hope to see you out there.