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Happy Fathers Day!

Capt Joe Francis rarely reels in a fish.  That seems strange from a man who earned a stellar reputation as a ground fisherman from New Bedford for over 40 years. You see, as the Captain, Joe’s job was to find the fish. It was up to the crew to set the gear and “haul back” the net.  Fast forward to the last 10 years as a Charter Boat Captain and it’s pretty much the same thing. Joe works his magic finding the fish, and my job as mate, is to catch them. Or at least help the charters “catch’ m up” as we like to say.  But today was different. We both had the day off.  And of course we chose to spend a good bit of it where we both would rather be over anyplace else….on the water!  We pulled our lobster traps and decided to try our luck and catch a couple of Striped  Bass for  our table.  The bite, unlike our recent weather, has been excellent.  Within minutes the lines were set and the wait began. It didn’t take long for a nice fish to strike. Joe waited for me to start reeling and fight what I knew was a good fish. Here was his chance. I can count on one hand the number of times Capt Joe actually fought a nice Striper from the boat.  I immediately handed him the rod and took over the helm, and for the next 10 minutes or so watched the kid in this soon to be 70 year old shine through. Happy Fathers Day Captain Joe Francis….

Happy Fathers Day, Joe Francis