Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

It’s a tie!

Lisa, and her two sons had the time of their lives on the Nauset this morning.   We first harvested a bunch of mackerel from the Provincetown Harbor, ostensibly for use as lobster bait, before turning our sites on acres and acres of bluefish off of Race Point, Provincetown.  Then,  the competition started between the two young men: How many,  how long,  longest fight,  and on it went.  It was your typical sibling rivalry, fishing style!  And it reminded me of our gym class with  our cherished special needs kids at school.  The students, like Ben and Matt, are surprisingly, super competitive.  They might not know the rules of the game, but they constantly ask who’s winning!  It’s adorable, really.  One of my coworkers had a simple solution.  One that precluded the nursing of broken egos for the remainder of the school day.  Each day,  near the end of class, a couple of minutes before it was time to line up and leave, he would announce, “Ok, it’s all tied up!”  That was the cue for the game to end moments later, so that we assured neither winner, or loser.   Brilliant!  So, after 4 hours of catching and releasing countless bluefish, take a guess what the final was?  You guessed it, a tie!  It was a great day with an enthusiastic, well mannered and  slightly competitive pair of brothers and their fun loving mom.

Matt and Ben holding a nice threesome of Bluefish
Lisa with a nice bluefish caught off Provincetown. Released after photo!