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Jazz it up!

I have an uncanny ability to determine who will end up sitting in the cushioned seat across from Captain Joe inside the Nauset’s enclosed salon.  Usually, it’s the best dressed, most senior, and least frightened, (of Captain Joe).  Joan stuck out like a sore thumb, with her beautiful attire and equally bedazzled straw hat.  She never left the seat!  Ever!  Not even for the nice group shot near Wood End light at the end of the trip.   She and her husband Peter along with son Ian and wife Mary chartered the morning trip.  Joan and Peter are on their way to the Newport Jazz Festival.  She’s a jazz pianist and has a jazz radio show up in New Hampshire.  She tells a funny story about playing piano during a dinner cruise on a yacht.  The boat would lurch and she kept missing the keys that suddenly weren’t where they were a second ago as the boat heaved and rolled.  Jazz is so free form and interpretive, I wonder if the guests ever noticed! 

with Wood End light as a back drop…Mary, Peter and Ian