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Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

Last Man (Lady) Standing

It’s not often that we have guests that get seasick. Captain Joe usually asks if there could be a problem while at the dock. Or, when there is a predisposition, we council on our tricks, like the ginger candy we offer that settles the stomach. The best advice is to just imagine that you’re driving a car. Keep your focus on the horizon. Never ever look down into the boat. Especially on a day like today, with moderate chop and a sea swell. But, once introductions were made, and the two young men identified themselves as former navy men. We put all thought of seasickness on the back burner. Until they BOTH got sick. Scott’s wife Beatrice was a champ. Not one queasy moment. We got our limit of Stripers on the great backside of Provincetown. Trolling was the ticket today. But the real hero was Beatrice. And for that she gets her own photo!

Beatrice with a nice Striper trolled off Race Point Provincetown