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Let’s Go Lobstering!

Aidan 7 and Cam 4 arrived late last night to the family retreat in Wellfleet. Most youngsters would have taken a day or two to acclimate themselves before heading out on a fishing trip with Mom and Dad. Not these two! They are fishermen to the bone. Last time in Disney the family chartered a guide to fish the ponds on the Disney property. When asked later what there favorite part of the Disney experience was, they unequivocally said fishing. How cool is that! So, after catching our limit of Stripers on the troll out back in the fog, the boys were ready for pulling some lobster traps. Joe and I have lobster traps on the way back from fishing. Unlike other charters that don’t bother to offer Lobstering, we enjoy the experience. It’s worth seeing wide eyed kids banding and measuring the lobsters. We love to see the excitement when they see the egg carrying females for the first time. The two boys loved it. They were mesmerized. The Lobstering capped a fitting end to a nice charter with a great group of people.

Aidan and Cam holding a couple of lobsters caught at the end of the fishing charter today.