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Lobster Roll and Striper Addiction…

Lobster Roll is to New England as Cheesesteak is to Philly or BBQ is to Kansas City.  Most people that visit out here have at least one.  Although, they have gotten ridiculously pricey.  When my wife and I first came out here they were the same cost as a cheap hamburger! But Lynne and Mark take their love of Lobster Rolls and Striper fishing to another dimension.  They own a big farm out west and running it takes more hours than there are in a day.  They can barely take more than a couple of days at a time off.  So, for things that they love to do, like top water fish for Large Stripers in June or eat lobster, they fly in and fly out.  In two days! They flew into Providence and on the way to the Cape stopped for Lobster Rolls.  Mark is up every day before the sound of the cow bells so the 4:30AM start time wasn’t a concern.  We headed around the Tip of the Cape past Race Point to where we’ve been catching most of our larger Stripers.  Joe settled the Nauset amongst diving birds and huge swirling Stripers….as close to fishing heaven as there is.  Lynne and Mark prefer to fish Top Water plugs so that they can watch the strike.  And for the duration of the charter we witnessed Stripers exploding on Yozuri surface cruisers. On the way back to the Pamet, Mark and Lynne sat in the deck chairs watching the wake of the Nauset sweep by, and I’m sure, dreamt of two Lobster Rolls at Arnold’s to end a perfect two day vacation.  See you two next year!

Lynne and Mark with a Top Water caught Striper caught off The Great Backside