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Maccray from PJ’s

We started coming to the Cape in 1984, as twenty something newlyweds. We passed PJ’s in Wellfleet all the time. It wasn’t near the water and it didn’t have a liquor license so those strikes were enough to keep us in P-town. Remember the Moors with the low ceilings filled with dusty seafaring memorabilia and Lenny Duchamp in the cellar as the piano man?  Ahh, those were the days.  Anyway, fate has a funny way of catching up to you.  A couple years later we had Mara and Nick. Our lives changed and PJ’s was the bomb! We brought our own adult beverages and the kids would run around the “dining room”…great memory! Maccray , age 15 (yep, that’s the spelling), who has his first job at the same PJ’s, along with his dad Ron, tried to break a long standing family fish jinx aboard the Nauset …They got their fish, broke the spell,  and I relived in my mind the great memories of our once young family and the special place that PJ’s will always have in my heart.

Maccray with a Striped Bass caught live lining Herring
Father and son teamed up for a memorable day of fishing off Provincetown