Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

Nice and Easy

The trip sure didn’t start out that way.  As we were backing the trailer down to launch the Nauset at the harbor, Joe received a phone call.  It was Dan, who had chartered the boat for the afternoon trip, “What is the name of your boat, my kids are already down there looking for you?”  Ummm, we have a problem.  We are the only ones at the harbor at the moment, and we certainly don’t see kids of any age, “looking” for a boat.  After a bit of phone tag it was determined that our party of 6 were in Wellfleet harbor, not Truro!  No problem,  it gave us time to tidy up the boat.  Finally, they arrived, and after loading 17 coolers (kidding, barely) we set sail.  And what an interesting experience it was.  Dan,  brought along his ex-wife, Rachel, along with their 3 adult children, Cait, Caroline, and Dan and Dans new girlfriend, Maura.  They brought a great attitude and a happy vibe.  Some charters just want to fish, others want a whale watch, still others like a harbor and beach cruise, Dans group wanted a little of everything.  And that’s just what they got.  We caught blues, we drifted with the engine off amongst spouting whales, and took a harbor cruise of P-town.  A superlative way to spend an afternoon!

Maura and Dan, with Maura’s first ever fish. Congrats!
Father and son with a nice bluefish caught off Provincetown