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Cape Cod

No Experience Necessary

It isn’t too often that you run into Navy men from Illinois. There just isn’t too much ocean out that way.  It’s even stranger that Adam never in his life fished the salt. Surprising,  after spending 8 years surrounded by the stuff.  But there he was eagerly waiting for us to arrive along with his wife Lisa and daughter Peyton and young son Kaiden.  Lisa had booked the trip a while ago. She had spent time as a child on the Cape and was itching to get back to share some childhood memories with her family.  The grease that made the wheel spin was giving Adam a “Fathers Day” gift of a fishing charter.  That was the bait, and Adam swallowed hook, line and sinker! So they flew in Sunday for a week on Cape Cod.  Adam knew he would get along with Joe, who also served in the Navy.  Lisa liked the family oriented type charter that we provide.  Once we rounded Race Point the waves settled down and we set out the lines. Before long,  screaming reels and Stripers flopping on the deck took center stage. They happily left the harbor with Striped Bass and a Father’s Day gift that Adam won’t soon forget!

Adam’s Fathers Day Gift!