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Cape Cod

Nothin’ But Blues!

Who would have thought that a simple shirt could be sooo powerful. We had set off from the picturesque Pamet Harbor at the same early hours as the previous weeks charters.  We went to the same spot, with nearly the same tide. We set out the same umbrella rigs with the same secret white and green pattern.  But, we had until half way through the trip, only caught bluefish.  Not that a bluefish isn’t a noble gamefish in its own right, and a terrific fighter.  It’s just that we had been catching Striped Bass at this spot.  Then I saw the infamous shirt, and everything made sense.  Cliff, who had chartered the Nauset in the hopes of catching a nice Striped Bass for dinner, had worn a tee shirt from a radio station on the wrong coast, entitled, “Nothin’ But The Blues.”  Wow, talk about a fishing fashion faux pas!  And so it went.  Andy,  Cliff’s son, along with his girlfriend Brianna, who were visiting from Washington DC, only caught bluefish.  In an act of mercy, Capt Joe changed locations and Cliff finally had his Striper, a small one.  But, you can be sure that the Nauset’s fashion police will be much more diligent the next time Cliff tries to come aboard.  Jeez!

Cliff wearing the wrong shirt holding the right fish
Biranna holding a nice bluefish caught in Cape Cod bay