Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

Nursing The Bite!

Many customers that charter the Nauset for the first time don’t realize the amount of anxiety we feel as Joe and I try to find, and ultimately catch,  fish.  We realize how expensive a charter is to book, and have a stellar reputation at stake.  But, unlike taxes and death,  we can’t guarantee that we catch fish,  let alone catch fish in the first 10 minutes of the lines being set out. Sometimes the customers become silent and distant as they feel we should be catching fish immediately after setting out.  This causes even more strain and can ruin the happy vibe that we like to have on the boat.  The best charter experience usually occurs when the customers are enthralled with the ENTIRE experience of spending time on the water,  including,  but not limited by,  the number of fish in the box.  Happily, today was one such easygoing and memorable charter.   Nurse Carol had promised Steve a fishing trip for his Father’s Day gift.  She’s been so busy heading up her new nurse team at the hospital she helps manage, that it’s taken a month to settle the score.  They loved every minute of the trip; the beauty, the salt air, the flocks of diving sea birds, the herd of seals and the tail slapping whale that breached 20 yards from the boat!  And when the fish gods finally smiled on Steve a couple of hours into the trip,  they smiled even more.  Happy belated Father’s Day Steve!

Carol and a nice striper caught at Race Point Provincetown
heading home after a relaxing day on the water