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Ocean Fix…

Every year Brian and Molly need to see the ocean.  They are from opposite coasts originally, Brian from the East, Molly from the West.  They ended up meeting almost exactly in the middle, Wyoming.  At a wilderness lodge catering to fresh water fisherman who loved the great outdoors and catching 6 pound cutthroat trout.  They live in paradise, close to Yellowstone and the National Forest.  But each year the salt calls to them.  This year, for the first time in three years, they flew East to be with Kim and Mike, Brian’s parents.  Brian almost grew up on the Cape, with relatives who had a home on the lower cape. So, they booked a charter to be out on the water.  A place that they both miss, and have cherished childhood memories.  The afternoon charter  is a harder time to catch fish.  Brian knows this from his own guiding days of years past.  We caught enough and tried even harder.  While waiting, we witnessed some spectacular whale shows close to the boat.  Finally the day was drawing to a close.  We were making our last desperate pass with a deep diver when suddenly line started to peel from Mikes line.  The big Striper immediately wrapped itself around a lobster buoy.  That’s the end of that, I thought to myself.  But the  fish Gods were with us. We guessed right which way it circled the buoy and it was brought to gaff, saving the day. Way to go Dad!

Brian, Kim, Molly and Mike with a nice Striper caught off Herring Cove, Provincetown