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Old Friends

Three years ago, Jeff Goodrich, a High School Athletic Director, was poking around Pamet Harbor looking for a fishing charter.  He approached one of the assistants, asking for help.  Could the Harbor Master recommend a good charter Captain.  It makes for a better story if you believe that the Harbor master recommended us, not because we were the last one to leave the parking lot that day, but that we were the best fishing charter option around.   Either way, Jeff was told directions to Joe’s house and off he went. He found us on the back deck discussing the latest charter along with a beer.  His vacation wish was to have his son catch a big Striper. That’s all he wanted.  One big fish!  The following day we set out and as luck would have it, we caught one of the biggest Stripers of the year.  And Jeff’s son Andrew, caught it!  In fact, it was too heavy for his 10 year old body to hoist.  So, his sister Lizzy  helped him hold it up, all the while teasing him as big sisters are apt to do. They are both laughing hysterically in the photo.  It’s one of my favorite fishing photos of all time. Capturing the pure joy of fishing with family.  I liked it so much, it’s now on the home page of our website. I believe it perfectly captures what we believe hiring a fishing charter boat is all about.  Family fun! So it wasn’t too much of a surprise to see the trio again today for a return trip.  We didn’t catch the largest Striper of the year, but we had just as much fun.  Between catching plenty of keeper Bass for the dinner table and catching up on our life paths, we enjoyed the fishing and conversation.  It’s why we do what we do.  Making family vacation memories that will last a lifetime.  Have a rewarding  upcoming school year, Jeff.  Hope to see you again soon! 

Jeff, Andrew and Lizzy with some nice Stripers caught at Wood End Light, Provincetown