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Overcoming Fear

It took Billie Jo years to build up the courage to take her kids out on a fishing charter. Up until last year, that anxiety had the upper hand, they never went. But, after many false starts she finally made up her mind last year to go. I remember the day as being bouncy but manageable. Billie Jo remembers last years trip as a white knuckle, I hope I make it back alive, kinda trip. Well, she did make it back, perhaps a little wet and disheveled, but also exhilarated and empowered. She overcame her trepidation and this year came back for more! For this years charter she brought a bigger crew. Her children Sofie, Gracie and Wyatt along with boyfriends Reese and Mike all met us at 6:00AM at the dock. Fishing was so-so with a couple of Keeper Striped Bass and plenty of sub legal fish. However, the real story was how Billie Jo overcame her past and now loves being out on the water. We all had a great time with respectful and mannerly teens and a Mom who should be very proud of herself for staring down the demon.

Captain Joe and Billie Jo aboard the Nauset at the Pamet Harbor, Truro