Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

Party Time

Every year Andrew and his wife Alyssa have a dinner party for their friends. They are rare year rounders living blissfully in Wellfleet. So you can imagine their friends are kinda used to seafood at parties. Andrew’s dad John sets up the charter and makes sure we are well supplied with liverwurst sammy’s. Once the sandwiches are accounted for, we set out from the beautiful Pamet Harbor in Truro. Joe and I are well acquainted with pressure. Every charter wants to catch fish. But this charter kicks pressure up a notch. Pressure is having 30 people over in less than 8 hours and the main course is Striped Bass!! Blackened on the stove, deep fried outside, and grilled. Now that’s pressure. Thankfully the fish gods were looking favorably on us. We found some Mackerel at Race Point and live lined them within casting distance from the national seashore beach to score our limit. Hope the party went well. See you again with the liverwurst Sammy’s next year!

Alyssa, Andrew, John and Linda in front of Wood End light on a beautiful summer morning