Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod


You don’t find too many impatient fisherman. I’ve run across many people who take up sports like bowling, cycling and tennis because they like action, constant action. Fisherman like action too, but are willing to wait. I was drawn to Truro because of the surf fishing at night. 15 years ago it was awesome. But some nights we caught only our thoughts as we stared at the stars and heard the coyotes howling. Mesmerized. Waiting. Today, we had a diverse group of guys on the Nauset. Dave from the Rockies west of Denver, and Kevin from Colorado Springs along with the family that owned the historic beach shack on the path to Ballston beach. (since removed) We had a grand time talking about Colorado and the history behind the dune shack at Ballston before the catching took place in earnest. After a half dozen sub legal fish and a couple of moves by Captain Joe, we finally started catching large Striped Bass. Patience paid off. Franklin ended up with the pool winner at 38″. It was a great trip with 5 guys who know the power of patience while on a fishing trip.

Dave from Colorado with a 34” Striper caught off the cottages in Provincetown