Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

Personal Best

Thaddeus is a die hard fisherman. I knew this immediately after he showed me a photo on his phone of him holding a monster carp that he had caught from the Charles river….AT NIGHT. The fish is illuminated by the flash but the background is black.  Not many night carp fisherman around, I can assure you!  That’s the definition of someone who lives to fish. Thad and his father and brothers chartered the Nauset this morning.  We started off where we left off at Wood End Light.  Word must have traveled, because there were a lot more boats fishing.  That increased boat pressure turned off the fishing from what it had been.  We caught a couple Stripers, including a double header by Jonah before moving around the Cape to the Great Backside.  First Jeremiah caught a 39″ Striper.  Later his dad, JT caught a 37″ Bass. In between, the fish Gods smiled down on Thad. The line peeled out from a strong willed fish.  And after a long and well played fight a 41″ Striper was brought aboard.  A personal best by a wide margin for Thad.  It might hold up for a very long time.  That size fish is becoming very rare nowadays.  But, the best part of the story is what happened next.  Most of Thads fish are returned to fight another day.  The sporting term is “Catch and Release.”  So, after a short photo and video session, (which I’m sure is by now blasted over social media)  the mighty fish, that gave up an epic battle, was returned to the water to fight again.  A true act of sportsmanship, letting go of the  largest Striped Bass you may ever catch!  An epic morning with a great bunch of guys! Hope to see you again next year….

Thad, Jeremiah and JT with some huge Bass caught off the Great Backside Provincetown