Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

Photo Gallery

An Atlantic Bonito was caught this morning by Bart. A unique catch. Great tasting as sushi with dipping sauce

Aiden was visiting from Shanghai and had never caught a Striper before. He was amazed by their beautiful colors when freshly caught
Hottest day of summer didn’t keep the fish from biting. Smaller fish mixed with Keepers
Tao, visiting from California Holding the family pool winner at 36”.
Alexis, John, Matt and Amy pose with a nice Bass. John’s best 50th Birthday present!
Kayla from Chicago won the family pool with this nice 35” Striped Bass
Scott with today’s pool winner 33” released after photo. Bravo Scott!
Barbara along with Rowan and the 34” pool winner from today’s trip
Chris posing with a true Trophy Striper At 46” Congratulations Chris!
Franklin with today’s pool winner at 38”.

Mike caught the pool winner today making his girlfriend Gracie so proud.

Dr Pond, aka Mark who loves fishing Cape Cod
Quinn with today’s pool winner
John had the pool winner today 37”
Jeff and his son Aitan caught two nice Striped Bass 36” and 37”.
William with the pool winner from today
Max with his Personal Best Striped Bass. Congrats Max!
Gregg from Montana with his first Cape Striper!
Josh standing with Mate Bob, Holding a nice Striper caught of the Shoals in Wellfleet
Erin with the pool winner caught off Billingsgate Shoals Wellfleet
Birthday boy Steve with his best gift yet! Caught off Wellfleet on a beautiful early summer day
Jennifer with a nice Bluefish caught off High Head in Truro on light tackle
Steve with a nice Bluefish caught off Peaked Hill Bar, Provincetown
Dave with his first Keeper Striper caught off Herring Cove Provincetown
Father and Son with some nice Stripers caught off the Billingsgate Shoals, Wellfleet
Daniel with a jigged up Striper off the south edge of Billingsgate Shoals today
Nick with a nice Striper caught at the Southern side of Billingsgate Shoals
Keveney posing with a keeper Striper caught on live Mackerel off Race Point Provincetown
Logan catching three at a time in a competition with his older brother Charlie. Off the Cottages today in Provincetown
Tyler with a couple of lobsters he helped haul at the end of our Striper charter today
Kristoff (far left) and Barry (far right) celebrated their recent marriage with a fishing trip aboard the Nauset. Congrats Barry and Kristoff!
Natalie and her brother Kaylin pose with a pair of Striped Bass caught off Race Point
Rough seas and gray skies are usually a recipe for catching big Stripers like the one Jack caught!
Father daughter day on the Nauset today, with Fred and Cara Bayles holding a live lined caught Striper
41” Striper caught on the Great Backside by Sonny Dugger of Lynchburg VA
Mike is all smiles after capturing the pool winning Striper at their annual Fishing trip aboard the Nauset
Portia with her first ever Striped Bass caught off the Station, Provincetown
Kevin and his son Dylan posing with a pair of Stripers caught at the Great Backside Beach, Provincetown
The Nauset waiting for her next charter at the picturesque Pamet Harbor in Truro
Dan with the pool winner from his family’s yearly Striped Bass outing.
Kevin with a couple of nice Bass caught in the afternoon off Station in P town
Derek with his first ever Striper caught on the Great Backside Beach Provincetown
Jeff and his son Zach along with Jeff’s colleague Andrew pose with some live lined Stripers off Race Point Provincetown
He refused to smile! Saying he wanted a look that said, “I catch them all the time.” Jonah from the Beerless Bachelor Party
Ben flew in to Wellfleet from Singapore to be a part of a family reunion. Caught his first ever Striper. The expression speaks a thousand words
Pure Joy as Chloe tries to lift her largest Striper of her life
Jim and his young son posing with a 37” Striper caught on a spinning rod off High Head Provincetown on a blustery July morning
Sheila with an early morning Striper caught in the fog off Peaked Hill Bar Provincetown
Alyssa and Andrew with a couple of Nice Stripers live lined off Race Point Provincetown
Mark and Lynne fly in from Michigan every year to fish Race Point, Provincetown
Julie with her Personal Best Striper caught on her first trip aboard the Nauset
Three generations of Hagbergs join in, a 43” Striper caught off Race Point Provincetown
Kirsten holding a nice Striper caught off Wood End Light Provincetown
Jan shows proper technique when battling a large Striper live lined off Race Point Provincetown
Big Fish Frank with two nice Stripers caught on the same rig off Race Point Provincetown
That incredulous smile says it all. A true trophy Striper caught on a live Mackerel off Race Point Provincetown. Congratulations Nicole!
Charlie, wearing a rare Buffalo Bills hat in Massachusetts! Holding the largest Striper of his life. Way to go Charlie!!
Andy and his son Charlie with a huge 40″ Striper caught off Wood End Light Provincetown
Shaye and her brother Jack with some early morning Stripers caught at the Shoals off Wellfleet
Ella with a nice keeper Striped Bass caught off Herring Cove, Provincetown
Alexa struggled mightily with this 40″ Striper caught off the Great Backside Beach, Provincetown
Friends since the 7th grade in the Bronx, Dave, Richie and John had a great day on the water. Richie with the 37″ pool winner caught off Peaked Hill Bar, Provincetown
Alyssa is all smiles after landing the largest Striper of her life! Caught off Race Point Provincetown
Henry, Eric and Tobin with some nice early morning Stripers. It’s always worth it to wake up early!
Don from Wellfleet along with his visiting brother with a nice Striper caught off Wood End Light on a beautiful summer day
Kai with a 40″ Striper caught off Herring Cove Provincetown…Released after Photo!
Emily, Mike and Justin with some nice Striped Bass caught at Race Point Light, Provincetown
Thad with his personal best 41″ Striped Bass, caught off the Great Backside Beach, Provincetown….released after photo!
Brie with one of the first Bluefish of the season. Caught at Wood End Light Provincetown
Epic Bite today at Wood End Light. Alex with a 39″ Striper
Karl and a 37″ Striped Bass caught at the Cottages, Truro
Nick with his 37″ pool winner!
Cam with the largest Striper he’s ever caught! Congratulations Cam
Tao with his Huge Striper caught off Shank Painter Bar Provincetown
Jonathon and Elisabeth with beaming smiles and Big Stripers caught off Race Point Provincetown
Big Fish John with an early morning Striper caught with a live herring
A well deserved nap for Alex after an early 6:00AM departure
A Nice Striper caught off the cottages Provincetown
Jay and Son Colin with Colin’s first ever Striped Bass
Mark with a big Striped Bass caught at Race Point rip
Molly with her 39″ Striper caught at Race Point Provincetown
Rob and Jackson with some nice Stripers
Zach straining under the weight of the largest fish he’s ever caught. Congratulations buddy!
Dan with a nice Striper caught at Cottages Provincetown
Tim with a Race Point Provincetown Striped Bass
Pamela with her first ever keeper….Congratulations!!
Owen with a 38″ Striped Bass caught at Race Point
Ralph from Jersey with a double header caught at the cottages
Kaylee loves fishing for Stripers
Mark and Lynne with a pair of Top Water caught Stripers, the Great Backside Beach
Just after sunrise, Wood End Light
Ruby with a large Striper caught at Race Point
A reluctant Peyton with a Race Point caught Striped Bass
Kaiden with his first ever Striper
The Sportsman Sal with his trophy Striper
A elated Capt Joe with a huge Fathers Day Striper caught at Race Point Provincetown
Foggy Day Bright Fish…Race Point
Chole and Amelia with their first ever fish!
Garrow with a couple of blues caught in Cape Cod Bay
Jonathon with some keepers caught off Nauset inlet
Father and son with a nice bluefish caught off Provincetown
John with a big Bluefish caught off the Pamet inlet
Tyler with a hard fought bluefish!
Ben with a nice stringer of Mackerel
I’m sure Brenden didn’t realize that bluefish have razor teeth!!!
Drew with a Nauset inlet Striper
Colin with the first fish of the day!
Braeden caught two on the same line!
Shirtless Bob teaching Sterling and Ridge the lobstering ropes
Two at a time!
Famous Bill and a Striper caught off Peaked Hill Bar, Provincetown
Grace with the pool winner!
Sam had a great fishing trip on the Nauset
Lilly had a long day!
Barbara with a soon to be released bluefish
Amazing Whale show off the stern of the Nauset. thank you Carol for sharing the photo!
What a show! Just off the stern of thr Nauset. This whale fully breached after this photo!
Keith and Jordan holding two lobsters from our lobster traps after a fishing charter
Jim holding the pool winner!
Claire on her first deep sea fishing trip
Theo using muscle power to hoist a big bluefish
Summer Blues! Brianna with a July caught bluefish
Katie and Tyler having a great day on the water
Tyler caught these two blues on the same umbrella rig
Erin and her dad Chris having fun catching huge bluefish off of Peaked Hill Bar Provincetown
Nick holding a 37″ Striped Bass caught in the Shoals
Two big Striped Bass caught on same umbrella rig caught in Cape Cod Bay
Bill Polis and his boys, Chris, Alex, James
Shirtless Capt Joe and with Melissa and her Huge Striper 43″ 30 lbs
Maccray from PJ’s and his nice Striped Bass
three generations of Havilands enjoying a beautiful day on the water
Alex with a Bass caught with an umbrella rig
Jake a nd a nice striped bass caught off Race Point, Provincetown
Katie with another nice Striper caught off Race Point
Our favorite Striped Bass recipe. Recipe found on our Blog
CJ loves to fish with his Grampa Carl Hagberg
Carl Hagberg takes his Grandson CJ fishing
One photo where the Stripers refused to cooperate
John will remember that fish for a long time. released after photo!
John caught this fish on a live Mackerel
With knees braced in coaming pads and holding rod tip up, John is showing proper technique
Jay and his day of redemption Striper!
Charlie and another nice Late June caught Striped Bass
Top Water caught Striped Bass
Peter with a live lined Bass
David is All Smiles
Capt Joe explaining the ropes of live lining live bait
Kirsten and Capt Joe with a nice Striper
Max and Jimmy holding Mackerel caught in Provinvetown Harbor
Scott with a large striper caught on a Savage Sand Eel
Rusty straining with the weight of a Large Striper
Finn and Mate Bob relaxing on the ride home
Finn, Ewan and Capt Joe off of Race Point
Finn having fun catching Mackerel for thr trip
Early season double header caught on an umbrella rig off Herring Cove
Making lasting memories on the Nauset