Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

Picture Day

When vacationers book a fishing charter, they firstly want to catch fish. That’s pretty obvious. But, closely behind catching fish, is taking photos of the fish caught.  Captain Joe usually rolls his eyes when a photo shoot is in session. And he gets even more annoyed when the fish are biting and I take a time out to capture the digital thrill of a lifetime. He’s said more than once, “we’ll take pictures later, get the rigs in the water.” Happily, on today’s morning trip I had some kindred spirits aboard. Lots of pics and lots of fishing memories. Mark and Jay brought Mark’s mom and Mark and Jay’s kids along for a great fishing day.  The early 6:00AM start was a distant memory as Stripers and a big Bluefish were caught and put in the fish box. But the best moment was saved for the end of the day at the dock. Mark and Jay wanted one last photo memory of everybody on the Nauset, before taking their fish and deboarding. I was about to take the family photo for them when Mark motioned for Joe and me to be a part of the photo.  Wow, that’s never happened before! A group shot with us too. It was a very nice way to end a  fun day on the water with some photogenic vacationing fishermen. Thanks Mark and Jay!

Mark, Jay, and their families at the dock at Pamet Harbor, Truro