Daily Fishing Charters From
Truro & Provincetown
Cape Cod

Retirement Bliss

David and Sheila are living the good life. David recently retired and spent the last year diving into his spectacular retirement home project here in Truro. They have a sweeping view of Provincetown in the distance and the Pamet Valley to the harbor in the more immediate view. Breathtaking, and well deserved after a long working career. They also love to eat fish. And timed the trip to coincide with a bunch of company arriving midweek from across the country. They also prefer to live line on spinning gear for Stripers. And with their recently graduated son Pete along, the 3 of them could comfortably fish off the stern. They had a blast. In between Stripers, conversation flowed. When the morning was over, they each had a satisfied smile. Knowing that their company, visiting the new home high on the bluff in Truro, would have a splendid grilled Striped Bass dinner waiting.

Pete, Sheila and Dave holding up some live lined Stripers caught in the fog off Peaked Hill Bar, Provincetown