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Safety Violations!

It’s never easy to fillet the fish at the end of a trip. Our cutting board fits into one of the side rod holders and not the stern, which is much more stable.  The boat is rocking in the swell and lurching forward at the same time.  Think, hand towels in a washing machine and you’ve come close to what’s going on under my feet, while holding a razor sharp knife!!  But today’s cutting station exploits where even more sporty. The seas off High Head were good three footers. And what made the ordeal even more nerve wracking was the stare of my bag man, Richard.  A very pleasant, easy going chap on the exterior, but lurking just under the surface of happyville was a Health  and Safety consultant for a Workers Compensation insurance company.  As I’m cleaning our limit of Striped Bass, I was counting to myself the safety violations I’m breaking by the second!  Gloveless free hand (check), food slime on work station floor (check), no safety glasses (Richards observation, check, check), and on and on.  Suddenly,  the thought occurred to me that the  trip might end with Capt Joe being led away in hand cuffs  from the Pamet Harbor. We all had a good laugh, (I think) and I stored the Striped Bass fillets in the fish box, with all my fingers still attached. Richard’s sister in law Nancy was the real sportsman of the two, having worked for over 15 years as executive chef at a hunting lodge in New Hampshire. So, it was fitting that she hauled in the largest fish and earned the angler of the day.  A nice charter with lots of laughs shared by some fun people.

Nancy with a nice Backside Beach Striper