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Sal From Jersey

Exit 8A.  To those outside my home state of New Jersey, that means nothing.  To those of us like Sal, and his wife Maryjane, that exit number is home.  It’s a strange phenomenon that we ascribe where we live by an exit number on the New Jersey turnpike. But that’s how we started to get to know one another before the start of an early 4:30 departure aboard the Nauset.  Sal had read about the early morning June Top-Water bite, and wanted his best chance to catch a trophy fish. That meant leaving before the song birds started their day.  Although the trip to Race Point, Provincetown was bumpy, our new friend Sal patiently and a little queasily waited for the Nauset to throttle down among diving, frantic birds chasing bait.  And for the next 4 hours or so, Sal had the time of his life catching large Striped Bass on the surface using pencil poppers. We chased the fish and the accompanying birds down the great backside beach. He caught his trophy, amongst many others, and I’m sure took a well deserved afternoon nap.  An epic day!

Sal with his trophy Striped Bass