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Shabby Chic

One of the many enduring qualities of having a vacation home or simply vacationing on the Outer Cape, is the casualness of the people.  Unlike towns on the Lower Cape like Chatham, Hyannis and Orleans, the town’s  vibe out here is more casual, more shabby.  Millionaires mingle with commoners. We don’t dress up and we don’t wear khakis. Shorts, Bathing suits, cover-ups and dungarees are more the uniform of Wellfleet, Truro and P-Town.  So I wasn’t surprised when Ron and his son Maccray boarded the Nauset at 5:30AM in their casual clothes. But something on Ron’s shorts caught my eye. What looked like the stitching from a medical school dropout, was coursing up each leg. He had stitched closed 6 inch tears on both legs with heavy, off colored thread by himself!! This is a successful business man who flies into Hyannis from Manhatten every weekend to get to his summer home in Truro.  Jeez!  Will somebody buy Ron a new pair of shorts!!  After some well deserved kidding, we headed out and live lined Mackerel out back with great success.  Happy 57 Birthday tomorrow Ron.  Maybe you’ll get a new pair of Shorts!

Maccray with the pool winner 41″ caught using live Mackerel off Race Point Provincetown